You can also see everything that happens on the set through multiple camera angles and high-quality video streaming. Bet on multiple outcomes: To increase your chances of winning something on each spin , you can bet on multiple outcomes on the wheel. Here are some of them: Live dealer experience: You can enjoy the thrill of playing with real dealers and hosts who are friendly, <a href=”> professional, and entertaining. You never know what will happen next, as the wheel and the top slot can produce different outcomes every time. You can also see the top slot above the wheel, which randomly selects a multiplier for one of the segments before each spin. Players who bet on Pachinko get their stake multiplied by the multiplier of the slot where the puck lands.

  • Choose your flapper wisely: In the Crazy Time bonus round, you can choose one of the three flappers: yellow, green, or blue.
  • If you are looking for a game that is fun, interactive, and potentially rewarding, you should give Crazy Time a try.
  • If you win, your winnings will be credited to your account automatically.
  • If the flapper points to Double or Triple, all multipliers are doubled or tripled and another spin is made until a final multiplier is reached.

If the wheel lands on one of the four bonus segments, you will enter a bonus round where you can win even more prizes. Players can bet on any of these segments before each spin, and if the wheel stops on their chosen segment, they win according to the payout table. You will choose one flapper (red, green, or blue) and watch as the wheel spins. You should be able to find Crazy Time and other popular live casino games, such as Lightning Roulette, Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, and Mega Ball. You can win up to 20,000 times your stake in this game, which is one of the most generous payouts in the industry.

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The bonus rounds appear only once each on the wheel, so they have the highest payout of 20:1. Finally, you get to have a chance to win huge payouts with multipliers up to 25,000x your bet. If the wheel lands on a double or triple symbol, all multipliers are doubled or tripled and the wheel is spun again. You will win the multiplier times your stake that corresponds to your chosen symbol.

  • El crupier mezclará los símbolos y te dará un cañón para que apuntes a uno de ellos.
  • You will feel like you are in a real casino, but from the comfort of your own home.
  • The wheel is spun by the dealer and players can bet on any segment they want.
  • You can also adjust the camera angles, the sound volume, and the game settings to suit your preferences.
  • Here are some of the advantages of playing this live casino game: High payouts: Crazy Time offers some of the highest payouts in the online gambling industry.

The top slot will randomly select a segment and a multiplier for that segment. This is the most thrilling bonus round of Crazy Time, as it takes you to a virtual studio with a giant money wheel. Follow the trends: You can use the statistics and history of the game to see which segments have been hit more or less frequently.

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Have fun and interact with the dealer: Crazy Time is not just a game, it’s also a show. You are taken to a colorful wheel of fortune with three flappers: yellow, green, and blue. You can also benefit from the random multipliers from the Top Slot feature that can boost your winnings significantly. If you bet on the winning number, you win your bet multiplied by that number. Live dealer games are online casino games that are streamed live from a studio or a casino, where you can see and interact with real dealers and other players. If the flapper lands on a „double” or „triple” slot, all the multipliers are doubled or tripled and the wheel is spun again until it lands on a number.

  • Cash Hunt: This is a shooting game where a wall of 108 symbols is displayed.
  • The basic rules of Crazy Time are simple: you place your bets on one or more segments of the wheel before the dealer spins it.
  • This can boost your payouts significantly, especially if you hit a high number or a bonus round.

You can also take advantage of various bonuses and promotions that can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. It’s easy and flexible: You don’t need any skills or strategies to play Crazy Time. The game has a vibrant and colorful set, with animations and sound effects that create a lively atmosphere. For example, if you bet on 10 and the top slot shows 10 with a 5x multiplier, then you will win 50 times your stake. Cash Hunt: This is a shooting game where you have to aim at one of the 108 symbols on a screen. You will then have a limited time to choose one symbol and shoot at it using a cannon.

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Cash Hunt: In this bonus round, you will see a large screen with 108 symbols on it. Si votre pointeur s’arrête sur une flèche, vous passez à la roue suivante et vous avez droit à un nouveau lancement. Choose your bets wisely: You should not bet on every segment of the wheel, as that would reduce your chances of winning and increase your risk of losing. They can also be boosted by the top slot multipliers, giving you a decent payout. The game also has a high volatility, which means that it can have big swings in wins and losses. There is also a chance for a double or triple multiplier, which means that the puck is dropped again until it lands in a non-double or non-triple slot.

  • The wheel is then spun and you win the multiplier that your flapper points to.
  • Instead, spread your bets across different segments and bonus rounds to increase your chances of hitting a win.
  • Don’t get too stressed or frustrated if you lose, but rather focus on the positive aspects of the game and have fun.

You can play with real dealers who are friendly, professional, and entertaining. You can also win different amounts of money depending on the bonus round you enter and the multiplier you get. The host will flip the coin and whichever side lands face up will be your payout. If it lands on a „double” or „triple” slot, all the multipliers on the wheel are doubled or tripled and you get another spin. Choose your bonus round wisely: If you trigger a bonus round, you will have to make some decisions that can affect your outcome.

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It takes you to a giant wheel with 64 segments, each with a different multiplier or double/triple segments. You can also stop the autoplay at any time if you want to change your bets or quit the game. There are many reasons why you should play Crazy Time at least once in your life. Crazy Time is a live casino game show that is designed to entertain and amaze you. If the segment has a „double” or „triple” sign, all the multipliers on the wheel will be doubled or tripled and another spin will take place. However, don’t rely too much on the multipliers, as they are not guaranteed to happen every time.

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Crazy Time combines elements of game shows, money wheels, slots, and board games into one entertaining package. If the wheel stops on a bonus round segment, you enter the bonus round if you have placed a bet on it. Therefore, you should have fun and enjoy the show while playing Crazy Time, and don’t let the outcome of the game affect your mood. This can happen up to 10 times, giving you a chance to win up to 10,000 times your stake in this bonus round. If it stops on Double or Triple, all multipliers are doubled or tripled and another spin is made.

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Of course, there is no guarantee that you will win every time, but that’s part of the thrill of gambling. Each bonus round has its own set and theme, and players who bet on them are taken to a separate screen where they can participate in the bonus game. Crazy Time has four unique and thrilling bonus rounds that add more fun and variety to the game.

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Estos son algunos de ellos: Betway: Este casino online tiene una gran reputación y una amplia oferta de juegos de casino en vivo, incluyendo Crazy Time. If you want to play Crazy Time online, you need to find a reliable live casino that offers this game. If the wheel and the top slot match, your payout or bonus round will be multiplied by that amount. Moreover, you can benefit from the professionalism and expertise of the live dealer, who can guide you through the game rules, features, and strategies.

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Each flapper has a different position on the wheel, and therefore a different probability of landing on a certain segment. The Coin Flip bonus round is triggered when the wheel lands on the Coin Flip segment. If it stops on a „double” or „triple” sign, all the multipliers on the wheel are doubled or tripled and the wheel is spun again until it stops on a multiplier. You can balance your bets by spreading them across different segments or focusing on the ones that suit your risk appetite. You can also interact with real dealers and hosts who are friendly and professional, as well as chat with other players who share your passion for gambling.

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After you place your bets, the wheel will spin and a top slot above the wheel will also spin. Enjoy the live interaction with the dealers and other players, watch the stunning graphics and animations, and celebrate your wins. First of all, it offers a unique and immersive live casino experience with real dealers, high-quality graphics, and interactive features. Each bonus round has its own set and gameplay that can offer huge payouts and entertainment.

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Cash Hunt: This bonus round involves a large screen with 108 random multipliers hidden behind different symbols. You should always pay attention to this feature and try to bet on the segment that has the multiplier, as it can boost your winnings significantly. The coin is then flipped by a machine and the player wins according to the multiplier value on the side that lands face up.

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The bonus rounds are where you can win the most money, so make sure you enter them as often as possible. For example, if you bet $10 on Pachinko and enter this bonus round, and the puck lands in a slot that has a 10x multiplier, you win $100. Here are some of the advantages of playing this game: You can enjoy the atmosphere and interaction of a live casino game show without leaving your home. For example, if the Top Slot machine applies a 50x multiplier to number 10 and the wheel lands on it, you will win 500x your bet instead of 10x.

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A puck will be dropped from the top of the board and bounce off the pegs until it lands in one of the slots, determining your payout. If the wheel and the top slot match, your bet is multiplied by the value shown. You can also win huge payouts with the multipliers and bonus rounds that can multiply your winnings by up to 20,000 times. You should also set a limit for your losses and winnings and stick to it. Manage your bankroll: Crazy Time can be very tempting – to play, especially if you are on a winning streak.